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Whenever a player holds at least the non-exclusive nuts in a one-way game, or the exclusive nuts in a high/low game, and on the river they fail to act (bet or raise) when such failure will send the hand immediately to showdown (i.e. there are no players left to act after them)... they have committed soft play.

Often one that's bending the rules, or at least goes against the spirit of the game. ... player had the opportunity to bet postflop, but instead checked their option. ... Few draws, so that the nuts often remain the same on turn and river cards. Poker Terms - Common Phrases and Definitions of Poker Vocabulary Poker Terms - Commonly used poker terminology and poker acronyms used ... When a player first checks and then raises in a betting round. ... Also known as the "river" card. ... See our complete Hold 'em rules in our Game Rules section. ... Nuts The best possible hand at any point of the game. A hand that cannot be beat. Flop the Nuts Definition Poker - Poker King

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Welcome Rivers, First you must understand the difference between the "nuts" and the "exclusive nuts." There is nothing wrong with checking a hand that can't be beat ... Tournament Rules - The Nuts Poker League The Nuts Poker League - Tournament Rules. The Nuts Poker League ... raise, call, fold, check, ... the turn and river should be drawn from the deck face down and the ... Is Penalty for Tim Reilly Fair? - YouTube Tim Reilly talks with Sarah Herring about his penalty for calling with the nuts on river. --- Latest Poker News at --- Can't-check-w/-nuts rule - Two Plus Two Poker Forum ...

Poker cheating and the pros! As long as poker games have been going on, poker cheating has been going on.

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Misread the board, misclick or checking back for info?Place your bets.Poker Journals 387 Threads. About Run It Once Training 1,078 Threads. What’s Your Play? Second Nuts on Four Flush River… Moreover, it’s just generally difficult for people to pull the trigger on a 180BB river check-raise bluff.If Hero expected to be good on the turn, then he’s probably still good on the river unless Villain holdsMy only experience at theses stakes is watching highlight poker on whatever Full Tilt sponsored high... 101 Poker Tips the Pros use to Win | Overpairs Aren't … Poker Rules.Consider The Turn And The River When You Draw. How much is your opponent betting on the flop?I think check/raises are one of the most underused moves in poker. It's hard to chase out draws when you're in early position when there are several players to act behind you.

I understand checking the nuts is worthy of a penalty. If first to act bets and is raised, does first to act have to re-raise?4) Self promotion: We follow a 10:1 rule on the subreddit. For every self-promotional item you share, you must contribute 10x as much through comments or threads.

Checking nuts on river...... Stuart, That's the best rule that I've seen for those that support a penalty for "checking the nuts. I will list the rule the way you wrote it, and then I will give ...

How to Play When Your Are Holding the Nuts - PokerTube Check That You Have the Nuts in the First Place. The nuts is a hand that your opponents cannot possibly beat no matter what their hole cards. For example, holding KK on a board that comes down 66K (full house for you). Q6 was looking great until the 6 hit on the river. In this example, the absolute nuts is any hole card that contains a 6. Winning Poker Play - Playing the River in No Limit Hold em